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About us

Based on an expertise of 40 years of on-going work and constant exchange of knowledge we see us as a professional partner in the field of innovative and efficient construction. In 1992 we expanded our range of traditional electrical engineering services by complementing it with the proficiency in building technology. We support our clients’ awareness for innovativeness and are eager to find a cost-effective solution that contains the most intelligent, flexible and functional optimization.


We can guarantee the use of latest technologies since we keep training and continuing education of all our employees consistently up to date. Careful CAD planning in 3d (DDS, BIM) eliminates otherwise possible collisions with components at a very early stage, while it also facilitates a solid overview and a fast-paced orientation for an advantageous update of conceptual changes.
We focus on well thought-out solutions, which enable an efficient utilisation of the product and ensure satisfied long-term customers in a mutually beneficial partnership.


The long-standing trust of our clients is proving the excellent quality management we use and builds the foundation for all of our future services. We are looking forward to meet the qualifications for each of your challenging visions.


Mike Heider

Managing director