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Our overall performance consists of the latest installation technology, which unites planning and implementation of either the simplest or the most complex product solution. Our permanent staff is constantly motivated to put your vision into practice. The professional use of 3d CAD-planning also already eliminates any possible later collision of components at the earliest stage of your project.


We focus on a constantly efficient communication flow to ensure you the most cost-effective production process. This obliges us to be familiar with the latest market developments and provide you with any customized knowledge regarding your project scope.

Light technology

In accordance with applicable regulations light technology can be applied to optimize your lighting standards relating to power efficiency, colour reproduction and effective positioning of highlights and atmosphere. Make use of our specialized knowledge and provided 3d technologies to plan and develop your project successfully.

Smart Home

One of the most interesting challenges for us is the automation of process sequences while taking the cost-benefit calculation into account. Make use of our expertise to your advantage.


The latest control technology requires knowledge and coordination of several overarching components, since today is not anymore just about driving motors, but controlling complex system processes in their entirety. We provide creative and focused solutions for central control systems while we optimize production processes and consider measurement as well as control values.


We develop and implement your complete distribution network: planning any medium voltage leading to a circuit distributor or a house connection through to the junction boxes. Additionally we can document your complete distribution network from the first to the last clamping point. Use your chance of a thorough and complex documentation of your electrical system as part of our services.


Contractually arranged maintenance services show that possible outages can be reduced significantly. Verifying a regular monitoring plan for your electrotechnical system can also lead to a noticeable reduction of insurance costs regarding building insurance and property insurance. We invite you to review the individual situation for your system together with our specialists.


You can rely and trust on our expert knowledge and modern measurement applications, which ensure you a fast and excellent repair work. Our troubleshooting service is ready for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for you.


To ensure the performance of electrical systems and avoid unnecessary repair work we treat maintenance as a core value of all of our services. We recognize technical issues before their occurrence and are able to resolve them just in time. We support you completely in any particular technical area, since our services range from A to Z.


We are able to meet any of your safety requirements with our resources of visual and acoustic surveillance technologies, access control as well as intruder and fire alarm systems. Just ask us for an individual solution.


We guarantee highest safety standards by transferring every technically possible notification to our certified monitoring system, in combination with handling all filed actions at the moment of signal input. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, any time.


An alarm always triggers its own action process in addition, depending on numerous external factors. With your help we analyse all parameters and implement the result to achieve the best possible outcome for you.